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Boho Sweetheart Wall Hanging Crochet Pattern

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Boho Sweetheart Wall Hanging


Craft and a Cuppa

A picture of a wall hanging , ukuele, a plant and a head with a hat

Hi everyone and welcome to the written crochet pattern for the Boho Sweetheart Wall hanging. This pattern is a great way of using up some left-over yarn and creating a beautiful accessory for your craft room or a baby’s nursery. I have used dk weight yarn, but you can use whatever you wish, please bear in mind if you use a thinner yarn then your hearts will be smaller and if you use a thicker yarn your hearts will be bigger. I hope you have fun crocheting this gorgeous wall hanging!

Written in US terms Advanced Beginner


· Any Yarn and Any Hook (I used dk and a 5mm hook)

· Scissors and sharp scissors for the tassel

· Tapestry Needle

· Dowel or a treated stick from outside – There are many tutorials on how to treat your stick. I sanded mine down and removed the bark. Then soaked it in bleach and water for 3 days, dried it out and applied some wood stain. Mine is roughly 25cm long but you can use any length that you wish.

· Fabric Glue/Superglue (optional)

· Wooden/plastic beads (optional) Make sure they fit over your crochet chain – if you use a thicker yarn, you will need a bead that is wide in diameter.


Ch – Chain

Slst – Slip stitch

Dc – Double Crochet

Tc – Treble Crochet

St - Stitch

Sk - Skip

RS – Right side

WS – Wrong side


· Ch3 counts as a st.

· Ch1 does not count as a st.

Construction and Colour Planning

There are two hearts that you can pick from, or you can use both designs. One is made on the right side only and you will fasten off after each round. This heart is great for using up little scraps. The second heart is made in the round, and you will turn your work after each round. You do not need to fasten off after each round so it is perfect for making it in one colour.

Both hearts have 3 rounds each. How many hearts you make is completely optional. It depends on how big you would like your wall hanging.

I made 9 hearts in total, but you can always make more if you wish.

Pattern – Make 9 Hearts

Heart 1

When making this heart you will be fastening off after each round and re-joining your yarn in the bottom corner chain space with RS facing each time.

Ch4, slst into 1st ch to create a loop.

Round 1 - RS

Ch3, 2dc in the loop, ch4, *3dc in the loop, ch4* rpt this 1 more time, slst to top of ch3 to join.

Pull the loose tail from the beginning to tighten the centre ring. (3dc on each side)

Fasten off

A crochet heart

Round 2 - RS

Join your yarn with a slst into any corner chsp, ch3, 2dc in same chsp, dc in next 3 sts, 5dc in next corner chsp, sk dc, fpsc around dc bar from the previous round, sk dc, 5dc in next corner chsp, dc in next 3sts, 3dc in final corner chsp, ch2, slst to top of ch3 to join. (22dc - 1 fpsc)

Fasten off

A crochet heart and a crochet hook
Fpsc around dc bar
A crochet heart

Round 3 - RS

Join your yarn with a slst into the bottom corner chsp, ch3, 2dc in same chsp, dc in the next 6 sts, 2dc in the next 5 sts, fpsc around the fpsc on the previous round, 2dc in the next 5 sts, dc in the next 6 sts, 3dc in bottom corner chsp, ch2, slst to top of ch3 to join. (38dc - 1 fpsc)

Fasten off

A crochet heart

Heart 2

This heart can be made without fastening off each round. You will be turning your work after each round.

I have a visual tutorial for Heart 2 -

Ch4, slst into 1st ch to create a loop.

Round 1 RS

Ch3, 11dc in the loop, slst to top of ch3 to join. (12dc)

Crochet and a hook

Round 2 WS

Ch1, turn, sc in same st, 2dc in the next 3sts, dc in the next 2sts, 2dc – ch1-2dc in next st, dc in next 2sts, 2dc in next 3sts, slst to sc to join. (1sc – 20dc – 1chsp)

Crochet and a hook

Round 3 RS

Ch1, turn, sc in same st, 2tc in next 5sts, dc in next 5 sts, 2dc – ch1-2dc in chsp, dc in next 5 sts, 2tc in next 5sts, slst to sc to join. (1sc – 20tc – 14dc – 1chsp)

A crochet heart

Fasten off and weave in ends. When weaving in the last end, go straight down and pull tight, this well help accentuate the dip in the top of the heart.


Next you will assemble your hearts. I had 3 on each section and I made each one different a


I made the middle section first…

Take your bottom heart, place a slip knot around your hook, insert your hook into the back of the heart coming out of the front and across the sc from the last round, going through to the back again, yarn over and make a slst across the sc to attach the yarn.

A crochet heart
This is where you will insert your hook

A crochet heart and a crochet hook
Insert your hook through the back and come out through the front

A crochet heart and a crochet hook
Insert hook across the other side of the sc

A crochet heart and a crochet hook
Yarn over and make a slst to attach the yarn to the heart

Next, I made a ch of around 4cm, keep a note of how many chs you made, then slst to the bottom chsp of the middle heart, fasten off.

A crochet heart and a crochet hook

A crochet heart and a crochet hook

Rpt the exact same process for the middle heart and the top heart to join them together.

You can either weave in your ends or snip them close to the knot, leaving a small tail and dab some glue on them to stop them unravelling. I chose to use a little bit of glue.

Once the glue is dry, you will attach the hearts to the centre of your dowel/treated stick. Using the same process as before, attach yarn with a slst across the centre st of the heart and ch the same amount that you used to attach the other hearts, turn your last ch into a big loop, big enough to go over your dowel/treated stick, loop it through the dowel and pull it tight, then wrap the working yarn around the dowel a few more times, snip off a long tail and use a needle to weave through the back of the loops to secure. I also dabbed some glue on the back of the tail end.

Crochet hook and a wooden stick
Make the last ch a big loop that can fit over your dowel

A crochet heart and a wooden stick

A crochet heart and a wooden stick
Wrap the yarn around the dowel, fasten off and weave in the end

Next you will repeat the same process for the left and right hearts. You can add more or less chs in between each heart to make them all different lengths, or you can keep them all the same length. It’s completely up to you.

If you would like to add some tassels onto the hanging, then they will need to be attached before the left and right heart sections go on to the dowel, see below for tassels instructions.

Adding Tassels

Next, we will add some tassels, these are optional but really help to bring out the bohemian look.

Make a ch as long as you wish and attach to the dowel in the same way that you attached your hearts.

If you wish to add a bead or two, now is the time, just feed it through the bottom end of your chain

Cut 6 strands of yarn around 30cm long.

Place them all together and fold them in half to create a loop in the middle.

Yarn strands, a wooden stock and a tape measure

Place your hook through the last chain.

Yarn with a bead and a crochet hook

Take your yarn and put the middle loop that you created over the top of your hook.

yarn and a crochet hook

Carefully pull the loops through the ch making sure each piece of yarn goes through.

Take your hook out and gently widen the loop with your thumb and forefinger. Then pull the tassel ends through the loop. Be sure to also pull through the yarn tail from the ch.

Yarn and a tape measure

Pull each strand tight to neaten up your fringe. Trim ends with sharp scissors. Rpt for the other end of the tie. I added 3 tassel strands.

A tassel and a pair of scissors

Finally, you will add some yarn to each end of your dowel so you can hang the wall hanging. Alternatively, you can skip this part and hang it directly from two nails in the wall.

Create a slip knot with your yarn, making sure you leave a long tail, slst it around one end of the dowel, pull the knot tight, make a ch the length that you want the hanger to be and loop it over the opposite end of the dowel, tighten the loop around the dowel to secure.

Wrap the tail end around the dowel a few times and use your needle to weave it through the loops to secure. Make you sure you do the same with opposite end that you joined it with. Dab some glue on the back for extra security.

Then that’s it, you’re all done.

A wall hanging, ukuele and a crochet hat

I would love to see your finished wall hangings. Please tag me on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Threads and Tiktok @craftandacuppa and use the hashtag #thebohosweetheartwallhanging

This pattern is not to be copied or resold. Please do not use my pictures. If you sample any part of my pattern, please give credit where credit is due. You may sell items that you have made from my patterns. I would be very grateful if you could credit me as the designer Craft and a Cuppa.

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